One among PhD students beneficiary of ACE IRPM & BTD , Dr.  Amina Ramadhan Issae at the Institute of Pest Management starts data collection for her PhD research earlier on July 2021 in Ngorongoro district.Dr. Issae’s PhD studies is sponsored by ACE IRPM& BTD under the Institute of Pest Management in Sokoine University of Agriculture.

Her research titled “Prevalence Characterization Community Awareness and Risk Factors of Rift Valley Fever Virus in Ngorongoro District, Tanzania” conducted purposely to assess the knowledge of the societies on what they know about the disease and how to prevent the eruption of Rift Valley Fever so as to escape the social and economic loss to the targeted communities in the district and the country at large.

Currently Dr. Issae collecting samples and questionnaire data at Ngorongoro district along the Eastern Ecosystem of the Great Rift Valley from small mammals and humans purposely for the isolation and characterization of Rift Valley Fever Virus.

We wish her all the best.